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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest Pro Tip #1
When hungry, stay off the Pinterest site!

Ugh, yes, I ate dinner but I am still hungry. But I glance at the clock and it is 8:48pm and I can not possibly eat at this hour.
So I belly up to my desk, getting ready to log into work for the night and thought I would do a some light pinning beforehand. #FAIL. Because my board has blown up with super yummy pictures for food.
Who's bringing me a snack?
dang you jenny o. for pinning homemade soft pretzels
tpo pinning asian bacon lettuce wraps.  and you live with-in a 3 min. drive, so i'll take two.
susan w. -Curry Shrimp with Spicy Mango Quinoa by dashofeast: With Thai basil yogurt dip!
This should have been my dinner.
hilary, spin mac & cheese made in a muffin pan!
mac in cheese, in a single muffin serving - sold! 
this about just killed me jennie s. ; nutella & banana stuffed french toast

and you jenny ray for pinning carmel brownies.  look at the gooeyness!

I hold each of you responsible for me raiding my pantry at 9:18pm - and nothing I eat is gonna be a good as thee above.
Anyone else noshing?


  1. Pinterest is evil. There. I said it.

  2. lol. but evil in the most fun way possible :)

  3. As a fun side note, that was totally an Ambien pin. I pin my best stuff in that time just after I've taken an Ambien but just before it has put me to sleep. And it's always, always food related. :)

    1. That actually is cruel Jenny O! Because at least you know your about to pass out into dreamland without the danger of stuffing your face before bed. Meanwhile, I am up till midnight looking at your food pins! lol! But keep 'um coming. xoxo -k

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