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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For Real...

My parenting approach is simple. I do not want to raise carbon copies of me, or their dad, but instead provide the tools and knowledge to my children in order for them to make their own (fingers crossed) healthy, kind and loving lifestyle choices. That is my goal.

I often find one of the hardest things I struggle with is food.  Growing up in such a fast paced soiecty, it is so hard to make heathy food choices. It is so much easier to buy the pre-processed boxed foods from the grocer.  We are educated people that know that those processed foods are riddled with salt, corn, soy, binding agents, processed flour and sugar,  etc... and are not actually real, whole food. It is imitation food. Or as I call it, impostor food. Yet we still buy it. Yet we still eat it. Yet we still feed it to our kids. Why? Because it's easy. Because it is quick. Because we are tired. Because it's habit. Because we need to hurry home from work to shuttle the kids off to dance and soccer practice and still have time to do homework, oh yeah, and feed them too.

I juice. I drink green juice everyday. But the last two weeks, I've fallen off the wagon.  Not just the juicing wagon, my morning cleanse drink, my healthily eating and I feel like crap. Exhausted.
And that's okay. It happens. But I am finding a hard time motivating to get back on track.  Looking for inspiration today, I found this site...
I can not tell you how this is EXACTLY the inspiration I need and exactly what I am looking to do for myself and my family.  And I can not believe that this great, inspiring family live just 25 minutes from me!

We can do this. (and by we, I mean all of us. considered yourself recruited)  How could we not when people like Lisa, the creator of 100 Days of Real Food, is providing us with all the tools.  What I also LOVE are the sections she devotes to adapting your children to this healthy, real food way of eating & living.

While I do think my family eats healthier than most, we do need to cut out more processed foods.  I should start today but with my upcoming trip, d-day for the entire family is April 19th so, we'll use the next few weeks as a weaning process for the kids.

Anyone with me? Say YES! Doing it together is always easier :)

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